Useless skills QUESTION

What obsolete skills do YOU have?

My daughter went bowling at a friend’s birthday party, and the machine at the lane kept score. I can keep score in bowling; I learned when I bowled in a league when I was 9. A spare (/) counts 10 plus the next ball, a strike (X) 10 plus the next two balls, which is why one likes to string marks (X and /) together. (A Dutch 200 is a game with alternating strikes and spares.) And sometimes the machine is wrong. It counts pins that are down and vice versa, but I can’t override it, and I hate that.

When I started my current job in 1992, one of my jobs was to operate the electronic bulletin board system. Though I had never heard of such a thing, I eventually became proficient at it, just as it became mostly defunct.

I can still figure out square root with pencil and paper; my calculator can do it in a second or two.

What skills do you have that, because of change in technology, have become obsolete?

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