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elton john greatest hitsThe late Dustbury linked to a video called “Albums that are in everyone’s collection.” Lists like that usually generate lots of comments, mostly in the “What about album X or Y or Z?” mode. The compiler’s response was, of course, “Well, I had to save SOME for ROUND 2 down the road.” Which he has since done, but that will be for another time.

The guy from “For the Record” says these are albums you probably picked up if you were buying vinyl music in the 1970s or 1980s.

Business As Usual – Men at Work. I have on LP. I’ve since seen Colin Hay, the lead singer, on the TV show Scrubs. Down Under.
Thriller – Michael Jackson. LP, CD. “I don’t know anyone over the age of 25 who hasn’t gone through at least one copy of Thriller,” Dustbury opined. He was corrected. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.
Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits. CD. In fact, this was among the very first CDs I purchased. After receiving four Beatles CDs c 1987, I bought a compact disc player. I needed more CDs, and went out and spent $50. So Far Away.
Invisible Touch – Genesis. CD. Land of Confusion.
The Best of Blondie. CD. Dustbury: “There was a time when I had a marked aversion to Greatest Hits sets.” When I started getting CDs, it was quite the opposite. I owned a couple Blondie LPs, so buying the greatest hits CD made sense.

IV – Led Zeppelin. LP. I must have bought this nearly a decade after it came out. My Stairway to Heaven OD was THAT great. Black Dog.
Breakfast in America – Supertramp. LP, b. Take the Long Way Home.
Greatest Hits – Elton John. CD. Another album I bought in that first purchase. This is the FIRST greatest hits album for the artist, but there are LOTS more of them, none as good. Daniel.
Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd. LP. I bought this much later, certainly after I bought The Wall. It was on the Billboard album charts for more than a decade and a half. Time.
Bat Out of Hell – Meat Loaf. I do not have this album. Well, unless someone gave it to me when they were dumping their vinyl. Paradise by the Dashboard Light (duet with Ellen Foley).

Born in the U.S.A. – Bruce Springsteen. LP, CD. My late brother-in-law John bought me the CD. Glory Days.
Abbey Road – The Beatles. LPs (US/UK), CD. Here Comes the Sun.
The Stranger – Billy Joel. LP. I had all of Joel’s albums up to that point. So it wasn’t MY fault that he was almost dropped by his label before this album, his fifth, became a hit. The Stranger.
Boston – Boston. LP, b. More Than A Feeling.
Hotel California – Eagles. LP. Dustbury: “I went out of my way to avoid Hotel California, and still do.” I actually can appreciate that. Wasted Time.

The b next to a couple albums means that I went to the library and burned a copy of the CD. Hey, I ALREADY own the LP. I was fighting what Mark Evanier called W.W.C.T.G.Y.T.B.N.C.O.S.Y.A.O., the World Wide Conspiracy To Get You To Buy New Copies Of Stuff You Already Own. Note that I DID succumb to that more than once.

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