How will I do on World Hello Day?

Because people have these new devices, it’s become impossible even to ask them what time it is.

hello-my-name-isFriday, November 21 is World Hello Day. “Anyone can participate… simply by greeting ten people. This demonstrates the importance of personal communication for preserving peace.”

This, historically, would be an action that was right up my alley. Unfortunately, I find it increasingly difficult to say hello to people.

Most of the folks I see each day are on the bus. Invariably, they have devices stuck in their ears and/or in front of their faces. Even people I know in passing don’t know I’m speaking with them.

The change is fairly recent. I’ve been riding the bus to Corporate (frickin’) Woods for nine years, and this simply was not a problem then. I was involved with any number of conversations with people who were not particularly known to me, though you start developing “bus relationships.”

These days, the bus is full, yet I feel alone. I use my own devices, not just because I really need to use them, but almost in self-defense.

Because people have these new devices, it’s become impossible even to ask them what time it is. Not so long ago, the universal symbol for requesting the time is to point to your wrist, where your watch might have been. But because the watch is passe, the symbolism it represented is likewise diminished.

Still, I’ll make the effort to say hello, if only because the need is greater than ever.

Some time ago, I put together a CD of Hello songs. LISTEN to a few:
Judy Collins – Hello, Hooray
Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me
Sopwith Camel – Hello, Hello
Oasis – Hello
Only peripherally related sidebar: one can’t use an LED bulb to visually represent an idea. It has to be an incandescent bulb, which is largely banned in the United States.

H is for Hello

There are a LOT of songs that start with the word “hello.”

Hello. How are you today?

I’ve been musing a lot about the word hello. The history of the word can be seen read in Wikipedia; basically, a 19th-century creation that Thomas Edison suggested be used in answering the telephone, rather than Alexander Graham Bell’s idea of “ahoy.”

I’m no linguist, but it seems that lots of languages have had a variation of hello for a long time, while others have not. I found this site Say Hello to the World. Some have very similar words: Chinese – ni hao; Hebrew – shalom; Spanish: hola. Others tend to have words more appropriately described as “good day.”

In any case, I was looking for an excuse to list a bunch of songs starting with the word Hello. There are a LOT of them; this is only a sampling, including several that I put on a mixed CD.

The Beatles – Hello Little Girl;
Ricky Nelson – Hello Mary Lou ;
Allan Sherman – Hello Muddah Hello Faddah;
Louis Armstrong – Hello, Dolly!;
Frank Sinatra – Hello, Young Lovers;
Sopwith Camel – Hello, Hello;
Judy Collins – Hello, Hooray;
The Doors – Hello, I Love You;
Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me;
Eric Clapton – Hello Old Friend;
Bette Midler – Hello In There;
Oasis – Hello;
Harry Potter Book of Mormon Parody – HELLO;
The Beatles – Hello Goodbye

Someone’s list of Top 10: Songs with lyrics that begin with ‘Hello’, only some of which I used, since I wanted songs with TITLES that begin that way.

ABC Wednesday – Round 12

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