January rambling: The lips move, but not much else

Put Down the Duckie

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Rep. Jamie Raskin On Surviving A Double Blow of Tragedy and Finding the Strength to Lead

The “Gaslighting” of Jan. 6: TV News Grapples With Capitol Riot a Year Later

Examining mental health issues among black men – A Guide To Freedom

Letting Go: Wisdom From Our Grief

The quits rate, the percentage of resignations relative to total employment is the highest on record

How to help you stop being so late (or at least make you more honest about it)

Lowell, MA Mayor Sokhary Chau is the first Cambodian American mayor in the nation

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Synchro-Vox: The lips move, but not much else. (Think of Clutch Cargo)

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 The Stinging Feeling of Expertise e


John Madden Honored Across the NFL on First Sunday After His Death. I really knew that the player/coach/broadcaster with 16 Emmys/video game consultant was significant when my wife, who does not follow football, wanted to watch the special about Madden, which first aired only three days before his unexpected death.

Peter Bogdanovich, Oscar-Nominated Director, Dies at 82 (The Last Picture Show, What’s Up, Doc? and Paper Moon)

Trailblazing feminist author, critic, and activist bell hooks has died at 69

Harry Reid remembered as a fighter, skilled Senate dealmaker

Remembering Franklin Thomas, the first Black foundation president in America

The US’s oldest surviving WWII Vet, Lawrence Brooks, has died at 112

Dwayne Hickman, Star of ‘The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,’ Dies at 87

Bob Saget Dies at 65. I didn’t watch Full House or AFV, but I’m taken how well-respected he was by other performers.

Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes died at age 78

Laura Curtis, the MIL of my eldest niece, died. I have only one memory of her, which is here 

Virtual DC Feb 7 2022


From respair to cacklefart – the joy of reclaiming long-lost positive words

Graminovore – An animal that feeds on grass
Granivore – An animal that feeds on grain and seeds

Ecdysiast is a fancy word for stripper

Either or neither of three?

Inspired by Roger Owen Green

Ask Arthur Anything: To blog, or not to blog and Biblical endings and me and NZ seriousness, me, and fun

To love the Three Stooges is to love America.


Move On – Bernadette Peters from Sunday in the Park With George.

Sondheim medley in a roadside diner – Carol Burnett, Tony Roberts, and Bernadette Peters

The 2021 (reduced) mashups 

Coverville: 1384 and 1385: The 2021 Coverville countdown. 1386: The David Bowie 75th Birthday Cover Story

Put Down The Duckie – Sesame Street

The Trolley Song – Voctave

Franklin Shepard Inc. from Merrily We Roll Along, London 2013

I Liked Me Better -Lauv

Catch Us If You Can – The Jalopy Five

At This Performance – Christine Pedi as Liza Minelli

Musicians who passed in 2021, Part One and Part Two

The torture report

Antonin Scalia believes in the ‘24’ Effect to rationalize torture.

From Tom Tomorrow
From Tom Tomorrow

While I’ve had the intention of writing about the disturbing report that the Senate Democrats recently released about the United States and torture, circumstances have not allowed that. So here’s a bunch of links, with brief observations:

From The Implications of the Torture Report by Mike Lofgren, Truthout:

The present writer will take as a given the veracity of its three main findings: that the United States engaged in practices both legally and commonly definable as torture; that the actionable intelligence these practices produced was negligible; and that the practices tainted the moral prestige of the United States government in a manner that damaged its foreign policy. These assertions may be taken as true both because of the abundant evidence presented in the report itself and because of the flailing and hysterical reaction by our country’s national security elites…

[Secretary of State] Kerry: “Lots of things going on in the world; not a good time for disclosure.” But when is there ever not a lot of things going on in the world?

That would be my general view as well.

Another fair representation of my position: 5 Things to Understand About the Torture Report from the Weekly Sift.

I’m particularly intrigued by the Truth and reconciliation section, which almost certainly will not happen because America is AWESOME! and we’re a “let’s move on” people.

The Rank, Reeking Horror of Torturing Some Folks from Truthout:

“In my name. In your name. In our names.” The narrative was that, in the days after 9/11, the “American people” wanted the government to do “anything” to prevent of another one. Instead, the torture and imprisonment have eventually led to the hate-filled ISIS. That may be true, since a majority of Americans say the CIA tactics were justified, which makes me all sorts of sad.

CIA Lied About Torture, Senate Report Suggests from Newsmax:

All sorts of discomforting items therein.

What torture sounds like from BoingBoing.
Karl Rove Says Bush Knew About CIA Interrogation Program, Defends Rectal Feeding from the Huffington Post:

“Appearing on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ [former GW Bush adviser] Rove claimed the brutal forced rectal feedings — which the report said were not medically necessary — were used out of medical necessity.”

Physicians: “Anal feeding” of prisoners is sexual assault, has no medical use, from BoingBoing:

“What a sad world we live in, when a coalition of medical professionals has to issue a press release announcing this most obvious of obvious observations…”

Dick Cheney: ‘I Haven’t Read’ CIA Torture Report but It’s ‘Full of Crap’ from Mediaite:

He doth describe himself instead, and rather well.

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia’s spirited defense of torture from MSNBC:

“We have never held that that’s contrary to the Constitution. And I don’t know what provision of the Constitution that would, that would contravene.

“Listen, I think it is very facile for people to say, ‘Oh, torture is terrible.’ You posit the situation where a person that you know for sure knows the location of a nuclear bomb that has been planted in Los Angeles and will kill millions of people. You think it’s an easy question? You think it’s clear that you cannot use extreme measures to get that information out of that person? I don’t think that’s so clear at all.”

OMG, OMG. (Facepalm) Scalia believes in The ‘24’ Effect: Did the TV drama convince us that torture really worked? from Matt Bai at Yahoo! News. I stopped watching this show regularly after the first episode of the second season because I decided it was torture porn.

But sometimes, you just need a cartoon to break it down for you:
Tortured logic, from Tom Tomorrow in the Daily Kos
An Illustrated A to Z of Torture from Vice.com

Or satire:
Cheney calls for ban on publishing torture reports from the New Yorker

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