Twelve coins and other tricks

7 Ways to Fool the Brain

magicFor me, there are tricks that involve mental gymnastics, and then there are those that involve sleight of hand. I’m pretty good with the former, not so hot with the latter.

Twelve Coins. It’s a puzzle. The question is in two parts. The first part is very easy, the second part is very, very hard.

Now THAT I can ponder.

But the magic stuff, while I find it quite interesting, I have NO skills.

How to Pass a Coin through the Hand | Coin Tricks.

Free coin and money tricks and illusions, amazing coin sleights

Now, blogger Mark Evanier has done some magic in his time Here, for instance, is Mark Evanier, child magician.

He also links to a lot of magic:

Richard Turner, Card Mechanic

Jason Latimer with a great variation on the oldest trick in the book…

CBS News profile of Penn & Teller, plus Magic Tricks Revealed, By Teller: 7 Ways to Fool the Brain.

An interview with David Copperfield. It’s a little about the “business” of magic but more about his inspirations.

Mastermind Max Maven.

On a different note: Elvis sings Thelonious Monk.

An April Fools acrostic.

John Oliver disses April Fools Day.


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