Hardly Kosher Bacon

The notion that “private organizations can and will easily pick up any slack created by lower funding for NOAA and the [National Weather Service]” ignores the fact that much of the private research is based on public data.

One of the e-mail items I receive regularly comes from the Citizens Against Government Waste, who are vigilant against roads to nowhere and $16 muffins. CAGW regularly names a Porker of the Month, “a dubious honor given to lawmakers, government officials, and political candidates who have shown a blatant disregard for the interests of taxpayers.”

For September 2011, the designee was Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) “for suggesting that the United States Postal Service (USPS) can solve its financial problems by embarking on a new advertising campaign. During a September 6, 2011 Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing at which Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe speculated that USPS could be out of business by the end of the year, Sen. McCaskill stated, ‘I really believe that if somebody would begin to market the value of sending a written letter to someone you love, you might be surprised [by] how you could stabilize first-class mail.’ Continue reading “Hardly Kosher Bacon”

The Trouble with Normal (Postal Delivery) Is It Always Gets Worse

From what I’ve been told, the delivery folks are given their routes, plus parts of other routes when the regulars are off. Of course, they never get a chance to understand the added addresses.

One of the problems with the cutbacks in postal services is that it just makes an insufficient service even more inadequate.

Case in point: mail delivery to my house.

We can almost always tell when our regular postal carrier has the day off; the service is inadequate. For instance, we have a locked mailbox, but several times, we have found the mail placed in the box but sticking out so that anyone could just pull it out. And I’m talking four to six pieces that could easily fit down the slot. More than once, we’ve found the mail in the milk box. And once, we even found the mail just sitting on the welcome mat.

Worse Continue reading “The Trouble with Normal (Postal Delivery) Is It Always Gets Worse”