The only person wearing a mask

Unpopular opinion;

Unity MaskA segment on NY1 highlighted the return of in-person networking events.

Neil Gordon was quite possibly the only person wearing a mask there, which is why he was chosen to be interviewed. As Gordon posed in his newsletter:

“Was the segment about my area of expertise? No.
Was my contribution in any way related to my area of expertise? No.
Did they identify me as a ‘messaging expert’ when I was on-screen? No…
Please remember that, sometimes, having a media presence can be the result of simply showing up in the world.”

I guess there is a benefit in wearing the mask. Besides fighting a deadly virus, I mean.

Back in September, Mark Evanier paraphrased a New York Times article. “Let’s say you’re in a roomful of people who are not wearing masks during The Pandemic. Are you any safer if you wear one?… You’re better off not to be in such a room but if you are, Masked is better than Not Masked.”

And while I would never have purchased an N95 at the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve bought a handful of them recently, which I find more comfortable than most of the others I’ve used.

No problem

Kelly has an unpopular opinion about masks. “Here’s the thing: I’m fine with wearing a mask. As in, I’m genuinely fine with it. Not only does wearing one not bother me, but…I honestly kind of like it…

Like it? Well, I’m not in THAT group. I’m one of those people who he described thusly. “Hey, I hate wearing this thing, too! It sucks! I hate breathing through it…but I grit my teeth and do it because I’m a part of society!”

He’s in another category. “In truth, I get to the point now where I forget the thing is even on my face to begin with. There have been moments when I lift my coffee mug to my mouth only to forget that I have to lower the mask to sip the stuff.”

I’m not there. Instead, I’ve become That Guy who wears the mask on the chin, so it can be pulled up when I go onto the bus, enter the grocery store, or feel as though there are too many people around me at a street corner.

Also, I don’t understand what some people who wear masks are saying. And some don’t suss me out either unless I over-enunciate my consonants. This is particularly remedied if I speak with a bad British accent. 


Le Messor has a Controversial Opinion: Masks Don’t Work. It’s a bit of a ruse, and that’s all I will say about it.

I have started keeping about five unused masks in a bag inside my backpack for those folks who forget that particular accessory. And I’ll be thrilled to give them up, but I don’t foresee that happening until 2023.

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