myTrueIdentity: benefits of “membership”

myTrueIdentity is a PITA to type,

mytrueidentityI got this email recently:

“As a benefit of your myTrueIdentity membership, this is a notification that there have been no reported changes in your credit file(s) during the last 30 days. To view a complete history of your recent credit alerts, log in to your account now.

“myTrueIdentity will continue to monitor your credit file daily to ensure that you’ll always have an up-to-date snapshot of your credit.

“Thank you for choosing myTrueIdentity.”

A few thoughts:

  1. I didn’t remember that I had a membership with myTrueIdentity, because I didn’t choose myTrueIdentity. It was chosen for me by one of my credit card companies, or banks, or some financial entity, after a breach of confidential information of some sort/ Moreover…

1a. I have, at this point, no idea which entity it was, which is sad. This is at least the third time I’ve been given “protection” after the fact.

  1. I have no idea what my login is for myTrueIdentity. It might be one of the eight or ten I usually use. Or, I might have to do that thing when I have forgotten my password to get it back through some two-step verification. It usually involves my cell phone, which I invariably need to charge, or my work email, which I’ll have to remember how to log into.
  2. I hate the name myTrueIdentity. I especially dislike how it starts with the lower-case m. It’s a PITA to type, which is why, except for the first time, I’ve cut and pasted it every time it appears in this post. I suppose I should add it to my spellcheck because of all the red underlining in my text bugs me. I’ve been looking into Fully-Verified instead, as a better alternative. Might give them a try when my membership runs out here.

I suppose I could write this off as a First World Problem, but it still bugs me. Credit is so essential to the American Way of Life.

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