Plan B, when you’re tired


Plan BIn the past couple of weeks, or probably longer, I’ve had to resort to Plan B several times. This isn’t always a BAD thing, merely a change in plans.

I have started a whole series of blog posts to explain it all. Because reasons, I started two of them and have only gotten about halfway through each after four days. This is – what’s the word I’m looking for? – inefficient.

In the main, one of the ways I gauge my busyness is by the number of posts I have in the blog queue, which generally bounces around by two or three. In the last three weeks, the number dropped by ten, which is unusual. But it has been an unusual time, which I will explain in due course.

I’m so tired

But I have been so TIRED the last week or so. My buddy Peter posted this graphic on his Facebook page, and I totally related to it. I go to bed, sometimes exhausted, but I can’t get to sleep. Can one REALLY be TOO tired?

Eventually, I drift off for anywhere between two to six hours. There’s no rhyme or reason to this, in terms of what or when I ate, caffeine consumption et al. If I can’t get back to sleep, I get up and do Wordle, which can take anywhere between 30 seconds (STEIN!) and 30 minutes with pencil and paper; every time I start Wordle, I feel as though that’s the day the streak will end, as it easily could have on DANDY.

If I’m still awake enough, I’ll tackle Dordle, Quordle, Octorordle, then pinochle on my phone until the sandman finally decides to beat me up, and I go back to sleep.

Oh, another thing, I haven’t had time to take a nap. The last time did, my wife also did, after I had fallen asleep, and an ALARM CLOCK awakened me. SHE does timed naps, but I do not, and I awoke, well, grumpy.


The one thing I have learned in 2022 is to book everything cancelable, refundable, and the like. In the summer, my daughter was going to visit her cousin by train. But the cousin’s plans changed. I COULD have bought a cancelable ticket at a slightly higher price, but I did not. Lesson learned.

We have since canceled three hotel reservations. In the timeshare we booked, though, we “ate” the loss of points, which is why I hate dealing with timeshares.

In any case, all of Plan B stuff will become clear soon enough. Meanwhile, here’s a graphic my buddy Eddie posted on Facebook, tagging me.

librarian gang tattoos

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