Q is for Q score: familiarity, likability

It’s comparable to how the royals are covered in Britain, I imagine.

Betty White
Betty White
There is something called the Q score, which is a methodology used in the United States “to measure the familiarity and appeal of a brand, celebrity, character, company, licensed property or entertainment product, such as a television show.

“High Q Scores mean that a property, brand or person is more highly regarded among a group that is familiar with them, and a measure of likeability that can predict increased consumer preference and involvement.”

The information is sold and parsed by age, gender, income and other characteristics of the respondents, who generally are in the coveted 25-54 age range. But general trends leak out.

According to a Quora article: “Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman are tied for most popular with a positive Q Score rating of 48 according to the most recent polls. Denzel Washington, Steven Spielberg, and Betty White are tied for second most popular with a positive Q Score rating of 44.”

“The highest negative Q Score belongs to Kim Kardashian at 71. ‘But that’s not a bad thing for her… That’s how she markets herself.” [It is] actually a positive marker on the scale of success because it’s a “love to hate” scenario…”

This is undoubtedly true in that the tabloids spend an inordinate amount of space charting the relationship of Kim – married to Kayne West, the jackass who visited the White House recently – her sisters and extended family. It’s comparable to how the royals are covered in Britain, I imagine.

“This is not so for Justin Bieber, who has the second-highest negative Q Score rating at 63. Bieber’s negative rating… doesn’t stem from any kind of ironic ‘negative’ admiration: it just means most people dislike him.”

The Q score can change over time. “Maggie Smith had the most positive change… in the wake of Downton Abbey with a Q Score increase of 15.” Meanwhile, Bill Cosby lost 43 points when he was on trial on a rape charge, plus allegation “from nearly 50 women who have accused the comedian of drugging and sexually assaulting them.” And was before he was convicted.

This all about money, of course.

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