It’s only been a year of the regime?

He takes credit for things that he has no responsibility for.

Here’s the thing some people just do not believe: I don’t get any goodies about bashing the regime. People STILL tell me I’m mad that Hillary didn’t win. Or it’s because he’s a Republican. Nah, that ain’t it.

It’s because when a book comes out about him, I don’t spend much time wondering if it’s true. He says wants to sue over it, but really can’t (and based on his track record, won’t).

You see, it merely shows what I’d already noticed, that he is venal human being –he thinks having sex with his friends’ wives makes ‘life worth living’ – and an incompetent one as well – look at his broken press operations.

Here are 11 explosive claims from new book. I mean “You Can’t Make This S— Up”.

Part of the reason has been clear: he didn’t want to Be President, didn’t expect to be. And rightly so, since he lacks the temperament. When he says his ‘nuclear button’ is ‘much bigger’ Than North Korea’s, taunting like a seven-year-old that needs to be sent to his room, he shows either lack of judgment or a lack of capacity. And based on several reports, he LIKES being sent to his room as long as he has enough televisions to watch, and Big Macs to eat.

I suppose it’s unreasonable to expect better. In interviews, he is incoherent, authoritarian, and uninformed as he airs his many grievances and declares his singular grandeur. He takes credit for things that he has no responsibility for. Mark Kelly suggests: If he gets credit for zero airline deaths, he should also get credit for gun deaths.

I remain cautiously hopeful that the Mueller investigation continue to uncover activities that will shorten this nightmare. Or that he’ll get bored and quit.

Three more years of the regime? God help us, every one.

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