Music Throwback Saturday: Right Place Wrong Time

A verse lyric from Right Place Wrong Time was the inspiration for the title of the album Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

right place wrong timeWhen I saw the new movie The Jungle Book, which I loved, I discerned the voice of Dr. John during the end credits instantly. My friend Jon said, “I’m not familiar with him.”

So I did my best whiskey-soaked vocal impression of his Right Place Wrong Time. It was recognized right away, both then and the next day as I retold this story. Despite him playing the music for well over a half century, that one song from over four decades ago is still remembered.

Malcolm (Mac) Rebennack, born on 20 November 1940 in New Orleans, and has worked as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and especially pianist since the late 1950s.
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