Recipes, rocks? Ask Roger Anything

bread recipe included

Tim CurryLast month, I noted that sometimes it’s difficult to come up with topics here because I’m not going anywhere. Arthur kindly made suggestions.

“Maybe you could try cooking recipes you haven’t before and posting a photo and then talk about it? Or maybe spread some rocks. Apparently, those sorts of things give some people to talk about or they wouldn’t blog at all.”

Hmm. I suppose I could do the cooking thing. Before the pandemic, there was this segment on CBS This Morning Saturday called The Dish. It would have chefs bring out a panoply of delicious-looking items. Often, the items were from their recent books. I’m not sure that I know how to write about food that would be interesting enough for me.

Still, every other person seems to be baking bread. Here’s a recipe for The Best Super Soft and Chewy Hoagie Bread Rolls that one of my wife’s sisters-in-law sent along. I haven’t made it.

I do the rock, myself

Or maybe I can try the tried and true method of having you all Ask Roger Anything. I’ve already shared my favorite recipe. The only thing I’ve ever done with rocks is to skip them across a river. But maybe you want my recipe for stone soup; that topic combines recipes and rocks. I’ll even answer your queries, most likely in the next 30 days.

Per usual, you can leave any of your questions and/or suggestions, in the comments section of this blog or on Facebook or Twitter; for the latter, my name is ersie. Always look for the duck.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, that is allowable. However, you need to STATE THAT specifically. E-mail me at rogerogreen (AT) gmail (DOT) com, or send me an IM on FB and note that you want to be unnamed; otherwise, I’ll assume you want your name emblazed on the rock I’m painting.

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