Looking for Roger Green, but not me

The Legacy page includes an obituary for a 59-year-old from Pennsylvania who died this past February. Damn kidney cancer.

Roger Green
Former Assembly member
For no particular reason, other than I needed an R post for ABC Wednesday, I thought it was time to Google Roger Green, done from my computer on April 21. The second natural hit was the Wikipedia “Roger Green may refer to:

Roger Green (rugby league) (born before 1915), Welsh footballer
Roger Lancelyn Green (1918–1987), English writer
Roger Curtis Green (1932–2009), American archaeologist
Roger L. Green (born 1949), American politician
Roger Green (sailor)

The FIRST natural hit was for the said politician. When he was a New York State Assemblyman from Brooklyn, I’d get an occasional call for him in Albany.

A top hit was to a Visiting Professor in the nursing department at SUNY Poly in Utica, NY. I had never gotten this person before.

Also on the first page was the founder of Roger Green and Associates, Inc. (RG+A), a marketing firm. The perennial is also high on the paid search results. And his Glass Door page ranks well.

The feng shui guy is still around.


I’d never seen the MACHINE SHOP MANAGER at the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of California Santa Barbara.

Another new page to me: the guy who retired from Gordon College in Wenham, MA, Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Theological Studies, and a “longtime member and a scholar of The Salvation Army.”

A familiar site: The gunmaker.

Oh dear, the Legacy page includes an obituary for a 59 year old from Pennsylvania who died this past February. Damn kidney cancer. Then an 87-year-old from Texas, also in February, and a guy from England, who passed away on New Years Eve. Plus 95 more.

The Amazon page for the 2003 hardcover Hydra and the Bananas of Leonard Cohen by the English poet.

A recently deceased guy from Indiana leads the obits on Tributes page. At least his has content; another one merely reads: “Roger was a resident of Utah.” I checked; I’m not on the list.

Here are 21 sermons. I’ll have to give a listen sometime. Or not.

BTW, a lot of photos of people with my name are from departments of corrections,, i.e., prisons. Make of that as you will.


Most of the rest of the hits are of me: my underutilized Times Union blog, then this blog.

Finally, the local cable news station recorded my 2017 recollection of the October 4, 1987 snowstorm. They reached out to me based on this 2012 blog post.

For ABC Wednesday

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