“South” states: Carolina, Dakota

God, guns, and fireworks

Saskatchewan.South DakotaI’ve been to South Carolina a few times because it’s less than 20 miles from Charlotte, NC, where part of my family lives and the SC border. I went there a few times with my late father, perhaps to Rock Hill, when he was buying and selling goods.

He used to note that the geographic relationship between Charlotte and its southern neighbor was like Binghamton, NY and ITS southern neighbor, Pennsylvania. I think the quasi-familiar somehow made him comfortable after the move by him, my mother and sister Marcia in 1974.

Last time I recall being in South Carolina, there were tons of billboards about God, guns, and fireworks, as soon as one crossed the border, in numbers far greater than its northern neighbor.

SC, South Carolina, a state in the southeast US. Capital: Columbia; largest city: Charleston.

The Dakotas

The 1996 Olin International Family Reunion was in Fargo, ND. My future wife went with her parents. Then they traveled down to South Dakota. Naturally, they went to Mount Rushmore.

I have never been to either of the Dakotas. Here’s something I had wondered about: Why Are There Two Dakotas? Mostly because the folks didn’t like each other.

“The northern part of Dakota territory became more closely tied to Minneapolis-St. Paul, via Fargo and Bismarck. In contrast, the southern counties… were more closely tied by trade to Sioux City… Omaha or… Chicago. These diverging economic ties left residents of different parts of the territory less connected to each other…

“On Nov. 2, 1889, President Benjamin Harrison signed the papers to admit North and South Dakota as two separate states… Though North Dakota is generally considered the 39th state to South Dakota’s 40th state, it’s actually unclear which one was admitted first…”

SD, South Dakota, a state in the upper Midwest region. Capital: Pierre, which is pronounced PEER. Largest city: Sioux Falls.

Saskatchewan, in French, is Saskatchewan

I did not know this: “Saskatchewan receives more hours of sunshine than any other Canadian province… The hottest temperature ever recorded anywhere in Canada happened in Saskatchewan. The temperature rose to 45 °C (113 °F) in Midale and Yellow Grass.”

Or this: “In the early 20th century the province became known as a stronghold for Canadian social democracy.”

SK Saskatchewan, a prairie province in western Canada. Capital: Regina. Largest city: Saskatoon. I love saying “Saskatoon”.

Southerly ABC Wednesday

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