All I Want for Christmas Is for You to Ask Roger Anything

As always, you can ask anything. I must answer, though I may obfuscate.

Someone once asked me why I want you, dear reader, to ask me anything, and I mean anything. It’s because I tend to write about what I’m comfortable writing about, unsurprisingly. I’m hoping that you will ask me things that may not be in my comfort zone. Certainly, I want you to ask me things that I would not have thought to have answered.

It’s also the case that I really like presents, but the ones that didn’t cost any money, but do require some heart, are just as important to me. I do like surprises, usually.

As always, you can ask anything. I must answer, though I may obfuscate. In fact, for some questions, you can pretty much count on it.

I’ll be answering your questions over the next couple of weeks, assuming the Mayan apocalypse doesn’t take place.


That Ben Stein ‘Confessions for the Holidays’ thing floating around the Internet is only partially true.

Wizard of Oz Christmas ornaments.

Flash Mob – Ode an die Freude ( Ode to Joy) from Beethoven Symphony No.9.

Have Yourself a Lovecraft Little Solstice.
Oh, and you are welcome to join ABC Wednesday, which I have been doing for six and a half rounds now. It’ll be back to the letter A in mid-January, not that you need to wait until then. And if you have a suggestion for me to write an ABC Wednesday post, I would consider your suggestions.

Your Solstice Gift to Me – Ask Roger Anything!

So consider the gauntlet to be thrown down.

Doesn’t matter if you celebrate Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Festivus, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, Brumalia, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all. You can give me a present, or presents. I LOVE presents!

The present will be to Ask Roger Anything. This means anything at all, and I must tell the truth or at least a variation of same. Last time Jaquandor did this, he wrote: “I’d also note that there are questions that I genuinely expect to get asked every time I do this, and none of those ‘Hey, will this be the time that X gets asked!’ questions has yet to show up!” I feel the same way. Though I DID try to press Jaquandor somewhat; he did edit one of my questions slightly.

So consider the gauntlet to be thrown down. I will answer at some points before Epiphany, depending on how the holiday turns out, and the number of presents (questions) I get.

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