The royal connection

My daughter is a princess.

There was this online article about Prince William’s Fargo, North Dakota cousin’s royal celebration. “Kay Johnson wasn’t too upset about being overlooked for Friday’s royal wedding guest list. Besides, she wasn’t the only Spencer to get snubbed.” Unfortunately, the free access post disappeared.

This story is specifically interesting to me because my wife and daughter are likewise related. Seems that late in the 17th century, John Olin married Susannah Spencer, and my wife is a direct descendent, ninth-generation I believe. Susannah Spencer is somehow an ancestor of Diana Spencer, who married Prince Charles, who had two sons, William and Harry.

We didn’t get up early to watch the wedding. But we did turn on the TV c 7 a.m. EDT to see a bit of the post-wedding pageantry, during which time I shared with the daughter her royal connection. Ever since, she has shared the news with all of her friends, has done drawings of herself as a princess, has dressed up as a princess…This too shall pass, eventually.

I met Kay Johnson (pictured) at an Olin family reunion in Binghamton, NY a few years back.

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