Judge Tom Keefe

How much of the Tom Keefe situation involves alleged misconduct and how much may be politically motivated?

Tom KeefeLet me get my bias out there right off: I’ve known Thomas Keefe since 1979. I met his future wife Judy Doesschate in 1975. I’ve carried nominating petitions for both of them, for his first run for judge, and for her first run on the school board. And I HATE carrying petitions.

I was saddened, then, to discover that Tom Keefe will no longer be serving as Albany City Court Judge, agreeing to resign on September 30, rather than fight for perhaps another year and a half.

It’s my belief that his desire was to find resolutions in his courtroom that were fair and just. From what I know, he has been quite creative in this endeavor, time and time again. It is the city’s loss.

Unfortunately, some of the press coverage was less fair than Tom Keefe tended to be. The New York Daily News article, which I will not link to, is particularly egregious in this regard.

I recommend that you read these articles instead:
New York Law Journal: City Judge Resigns After Probe of Bias Against Prosecutors or HERE
WAMC: Albany City Court Judge Thomas Keefe To Resign After Misconduct Investigation

These articles shed more light on the circumstances surrounding the Tom Keefe situation, how much involves alleged misconduct, and how much may be politically motivated.

Judge for yourselves.

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