Typo Nazis

Angry people need to get there sines write.

science.it There’s an article about how only jerks bother pointing out typos. It used a harsher word, actually, to describe typo Nazis.

“Researchers concluded that ‘less agreeable people are more sensitive to grammatical errors, while more conscientious and less open people are sensitive to typos.’

“Overall, extroverts were more foregiving of both types of errors, and introverts were especially harsh about messages that contained typos. ” Not incidentally, the article is intentionally filled with typos.

Surely, science has proven I must be both disagreeable AND introverted. Continue reading “Typo Nazis”

Blogging revolution #9

I try to let the blogging go, but then the heart will want what it wants.

9-page-headerNine years of blogging, every day; nine trips around the sun. This is remarkable, or remarkably crazy; the line between the two is paper thin. There were weeks this past year when I could write only one or two posts. It was almost never out of a lack of content ideas, but rather a lack of time. Then there’d be an outpouring, usually at 4 a.m., when my mind was swimming with the thoughts I wanted to write.

It’s rather like the pushmi-pullyu of Doctor Doolittle Continue reading “Blogging revolution #9”

T is for Tipos Typos

Some mornings, I reread my blog and only then do I see my egregious error.

In one of my favorite websites, Regret the Error, there is a lengthy column about how copy editing errors take place, in this case, the Washington Post, and what to do about it. One quote from the Post: “Mistakes occur more frequently online than in print, generally, because online copy goes through fewer editors…But online errors are easier and faster to correct.”

I am a rather good speller. I remember that I was so proud to get 100 in my 5th grade spelling final. Though I was no good at spelling bees; I need to write it down in order to ascertain that it looks wrong. But spellcheck has made me lazy. Add to that the fact that I’m a lousy typist and one will discover typos in this blog. Continue reading “T is for Tipos Typos”