The worst neighbors I’ve ever had

abusive to each other

worst neighborsWe have the worst neighbors I’ve ever had, bar none, and one person in particular. They’re across the street and down a few houses.

The police have been called a half dozen times in the past year or so. In mid-March, one incident involved five vehicles and at least seven cops over a two-hour travail.

I’ve witnessed brutalizing parental “discipline.” There are a couple of broken windows in the front of the building. Two people came to the house and were screamed at; one of them returned with a police officer, and they got to go inside.

So I’m going to describe the LEAST problematic incident. I’d gone to bed about midnight. My daughter awakened me around 1 because there was a yapping dog keeping her awake. I hadn’t heard it because I have a white noise machine. We stood on our porch and eventually saw a tiny canine, maybe a Yorkshire terrier, but I’m hardly sure. It particularly barked at people walking by.

After about 10 more minutes, I called the non-emergency police phone number. Meanwhile, other neighbors, apparently a couple, came up to the porch and talked to the dog, which briefly stopped its noisemaking. Then one of them started knocking loudly on the dog owner’s door. But I didn’t see their vehicle, so they may not have been home.

One policeman showed up. But just as he is getting out of his vehicle, he got an alert. “Shots fired!” This trumps the barking dog. My daughter is now more worried about the untended creature than her sleep deprivation. Still, we eventually drag ourselves back to our beds…

Morning comes too early

Until 7 a.m., when my darn cats decided they actually wanted to be fed. Afterward, I went back to bed until nearly 10:30 a.m., when my wife, who was visiting her mother out of town, called.

I’ve decided to keep a log of the outrageous behavior of these folks. Maybe take some pictures as well. I’m especially noting their deportment that did not involve law enforcement.

On the suggestion of my city councilperson, I’ve been in contact with the APD’s neighborhood engagement officer. They’re looking into what options might be available, since the complaints started in May 2020. 

My fear is that something even more awful will take place. It seems painfully inevitable, much to my horror.

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