Blog Mixed Bag CD Review-Gordon

NAME: Gordon Dymowski
BLOG NAME: Blog This, Pal!
NAME OF CD: Non-Stop Hit Parade
COVER ART: Clever (that picture of Ricky Gervais from The Office apparently dancing scares me)
SONG LIST: His post of June 7
GENERAL THOUGHTS: He noted in an e-mail that was a “pretty conservative – some alternative/rock with one reggae song”. I really liked the first half dozen tunes, which really rocked. And indeed, the first ten are excellent. The Futurama song seems to be palate cleanser for the second half. These songs are also pretty fine, and indeed from Bow Wow Wow to the Easybeats especially well programmed. Oh, and I LIKED the outro track, possibly because I thought it was SUPPOSED to sound tinny.
THINGS I PARTICULARLY LOVED: Echobelly (I love women who rock, and that “Penny Lane” sounding bridge.) Picked a fairly obscure Monkees tune. The Brian Wilson song is a great ending.
ON THE OTHER HAND: There was no half hour speech by Dan Quayle, as he had promised in the e-mail. Oh, he was kidding! Never mind.
OFFICE FRIENDLY: I’d skip by MC Chris
ONLY VAGUELY RELATED: My wife thinks that Steve Winwood is this lightweight performer, based on his 1980s output. “I’m a Man” was playing, and I think he’ll get a reassessment.

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