3 Smoking ?s

(This was probably inspired in part by Gordon’s recent post.)

In the USA, lung cancer kills more men AND more women than any other cancer. Peter Jennings who was a smoker until about 20 years ago, then “was weak” and started up around 9/11/01, died from it. Vasssar Clements died from it. These questions are limited to tobacco (not any of the other stuff, like that “wacky tobacky”):

1. Do you smoke or chew tobacco? If so, how much? If you do, why, and if you don’t, why not?

2. If you partake, have you tried to quit, by what method and how many times? If you’re a former smoker, are you particularly obnoxious about smoking? (Be honest.) If you’ve never smoked, how tolerant are you of smokers around you?

3. What are the public smoking regulations in your area? Are they fair, too tough or too lenient? What has been the actual/anticipated economic impact of the law?

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