Midweek Ramble

It’s not that I don’t have things to write about, it’s that I don’t have time to write ’em.
Kelly Brown wrote that “someone from the IRS in Washington, DC has nothing better to do then spend 15 minutes on my blog.” I wrote back that it was because her husband Chris, nicknamed Lefty, was being tracked by the FBI. It’s since occurred to me that the government would want to know what horrors Kelly, who is a teacher, is putting in these young minds. All of that I thought was pretty tongue in cheek.

But then I started reading all of this Cindy Sheehan is a communist stuff (just type in Cindy Sheehan communist in Google to see what I mean.) The most audacious thing I read yesterday was the notion that Code Pink: Mothers for Peace is a pinko front – “Nothing more needs to be said.” – apparently, in part, because of its name. In my bad John McEnroe imitation, I said aloud, “You are not serious!”

And speaking of same, I saw on ABC News last night (and in Greg’s blog) that Pat Robertson wants the U.S. to put a hit on the duly elected President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, because he’s buddies with Fidel. That election was likely more legit than either of the ones involving W. As an American, I’m embarrassed, but as a Christian, I’m appalled.

And here I thought Joe McCarthy was dead.

Brock Peters died. I always thought he had a wonderfully expressive face. Of course, he was best known for appearing in the movie To Kill a Mockingbird (one of the very few books I was assigned in school that I actually LIKED).
My bud David Brickman will be doing his sixth art criticism spot on WAMC (90.3 fm) tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:48 a.m.
The topic will be the Jacques-Louis David show at the Clark Art Institute.
By the way, for the out-of-towners it is possible to listen online at wamc.org (live only – not archived).

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