EQ 1

Not to be confused with GQ.

Back in 1996, I took this test to ascertain whether I was entrepreneurially inclined. Having worked in retail for 10 years oir better, I was pretty sure the answer was, “No.” But I was interested in seeing the results.

Now that we’re back in the church year, with choir on Thursday nights, YOU’RE going to see the results too, on an occasional basis, anyway.

Summary scales, presented on a percentile basis; the higher the score, the greater my “entrepreneurial potential”:

ADAPTABILITY – the ease with which I can reach outside my current areas of expertise and comfort to adjust to new or changed circumstances, new people and new life experiences.
Ideal score 66-100, my score 26
I have to say that I found this surprisingly low, as I feel that I’m ALWAYS adapting to new circumstances. I wonder how I’d gfare, post-Lydia?

Ideal score 71-100, my score 32

Ideal score 70-100, my score 12

Ideal score 70-100, my score 24

Subscales are presented on a percentage basis; the closer my score is to the ideal score, the greater my “Entrepreneurial potential”:

Under Managerial Traits

Ideal score 85, my score 83
Actually, near the ideal score for taking calculated risks.

TIME MANAGEMENT- the ability to analyze, itemize, and sequence tasks in an orderly way
Ideal score 68, my score 38
“A Time Management course or seminar may be beneficial.”

CREATIVE vs. TRADITIONAL- thinking and operating in an innovative manner implementing and promoting new ideas, new products, new markets and new programs.
Ideal score 86%, my score 91% creative, 9% traditional
I work well with new ideas.

STRATEGIC vs. FUNCTIONAL – strategic takes into account the “big picture”; function managers operate on a more narrow focus
Ideal score is 85% strategic, my score is 69%, “considerably below the Ideal Score.”

PLANNING vs. REACTING -“Planning managers are very organized, they naturally operate with a well defined plan. Reacting managers prefer to handle situations in a more spontaneous manner, addressing details as they arise.”
Ideal score is 55% Planning, my score of 22% is “considerably below the ideal score.”

GOAL-ORIENTATION vs. ACTION-ORIENTATION “Goal-oriented managers are expediters- their goals drive the action on a daily basis. Action-oriented managers are process-oriented -they focus on that needs to be done to accomplish their goals>”
Ideal score is 47% goal-oriented, my score of 9% goal-orientated
MY “focus on day-to-day issues may interfere with” my “ability to meet long-term objectives.”
It’s true, I’m not a long-term planner, although with this blog, I’ve become more so.
More the next time I need an easy post.

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