What’s important to you?

Tosy and Cosh posted this. The “Dan” mentioned is Dan from Minneapolis.

1. It is Dan’s theory that one only has time to devote to 10 outside-of-work pursuits. What makes your list? This can be an idealized version of your life (e.g. pursuits in which you are interested but just haven’t found the time or ambition to start).

a. parenting
b. spousing
c. church choir
d. blogging
e. racquetball
f. church Missions Committee
g. Friends of Albany Public Library
h. church Membership Committee
i .music collecting
j. being an informed citizen

2. What are the last five albums you bought? Are you just kind of buying albums on a whim these days or following any kind of overarching plan-such as exploring a genre or working your way through a backlog of albums you’ve wanted to buy for some time?

a. Like an Atom Bomb- similar to, but not exactly, the tracks of an LP I have, the soundtrack to “Atomic Cafe”
b. Red Hot & Rhapsody- continuation of the Red Hot & Blue AIDS awareness discs I have; also because it’s Gershwin
c. Rutles-Archaeology – another Beatle parody
d. Judy Collins-Who Knows Where the Time Goes – I have it on vinyl and it’s wearing out

I should also note that I’ve been getting discs in…other ways, notably the Rolling Stones, much of which I owned on vinyl, the source of which is one associate. I’ve also been burning CDs of LPs that I own. I’ve gotten them from the library: Dark Side of the Moon, Tumbleweed Connection, Eat a Peach, Layla.

3. Everyone has an issue (at least one)-political or philosophical-that is kind of their personal baby. One on which they feel they have an enlightened view in a greater world that just either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care. Tell us about it-and attempt to be brief.

We would all get along better if we followed some simple rules:
Respect the queue. Keep right (unless you’re in the UK), so you can avoid doing that little dance on a narrow sidewalk when someone approaches. Respect other people’s personal space. You DON’T have to express an opinion when you don’t have one.

4. Prairie, mountains, woods, desert, lake, the sea. Which calls to you the most? Where would you most choose to reside? RANK THEM!

Lake, sea, mountains, woods, prairie, desert.

5. Guilty pleasure TV. Is there a show that would be condemned by your peers, but yet you find yourself watching it on a regular basis? Let’s hear it.
{I’ve asked a variation on this myself recently.)

Law & Order (the original) reruns. NEVER the new shows. Lenny Briscoe rules!

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