Rock Meme-JL

Today being JL’s birthday, it was obvious who I’d pick for this game I picked up from Mr. Lefty.

Here’s how you play: Pick a musical artist or band. Now fill out this questionnaire using only song titles. (I limited this to songs performed by John as opposed to the Beatles. You’ll note that I couldn’t stop with one choice.)

Artist/Band: John Lennon
Are you male or female: Jealous Guy; Beautiful Boy
Describe yourself: Working Class Hero; We’re All Water
How do some people feel about you: Crippled Inside; God
How do you feel about yourself: Just Like Starting Over; Hard Times Are Over
Describe what you want to be: I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier; Sweet Little Sixteen
Describe how you live: Watching the Wheels; Slippin’ and Slidin’
Describe how you love: Oh Yoko; Dear Yoko; Two Virgins
Share a few words of wisdom: Power to the People; Give Peace a Chance

I’d love especially for you non-bloggers (MR with the Beatles, MAK with whomever, this means YOU) to take a shot and post in my response area for other artists. (Or MAK, you could actually START that blog…)

And I liked this exercise so much I may do it again. Be forewarned.

Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

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