Lost, the quiz

My near-twin Gordon did this on his page, and I thought I’d try it. Thing is:
I’ve never seen Lost. Ever. Well, for about five minutes when Julie Bowen appears in a flashback with Matthew Fox. So what does this really mean?

You are Kate. Breathtakingly beautiful, seemingly
pure of heart, and you can even sew your own
curtains! You listen to Patsy Cline anywhere
and know how to work a farm. Your past haunts
you. An accused criminal, are you innocent or
guilty? The only thing thing we know you’re
guilty of is not giving Charlie the attention
he needs.

Which Lost Character Are You?
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Meanwhile, two stars of the show are arrested for being under the influence of alcohol, twenty minutes apart. I suppose living in a tropical paradise seems romantic, but the work and the isolation are starting to take its toll. I know Rodriguez started this season; how about Watros?

And in another sense of Lost, the usually apolitical Fred Hembeck who REALLY lost the 2004 election.

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