John Spencer

This story begins: John Spencer is one of those actors whose face you recognize right away, but the name might elude you. Before his portrayal of wrong-side-of-the-tracks lawyer Tommy Mullaney in the last four years of L.A. Law, a show I watched regularly, that would be true for me. He was on the Patty Duke Show in the mid-’60’s as Cathy Lane’s boyfriend Henry Anderson? I watched that, too, but don’t specifically remember him. The curse of the working actor.

And spooky that his character on the West Wing , Leo McGarry, should suffer a heart attack, then John should die of one just shy of his 59th birthday.

He had a great fan base; in other words, he was a hunk to persons of a certain age. The picture above is from the John Spencer Estrogen Brigade. The inscription reads: “To my gals in the Brigade, all my best, John Spencer 1/02.”

Three Christmas Questions

If you would be so kind:

1. Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want for Christmas
(Oh, no! I’ve been posssessed by 90’s female singers. It’s a week before Christmas. I need HELP!)

2. Tell Me What You Realy Are Most Looking Forward to Giving This Year

3. A favorite holiday memory.

My answers in the response section.

(The picture e-mailed to me by a comic book artist. Actually, he sent me a dozen, only two of which were clean.)

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