Day After Day

(Unintended Badfinger reference.)

One national celebration is over, where my heart team beat my head team, they picked the correct MVP, and the ad I remember best, heaven help me, involved Burger king’s women as condiment- as bizarre as the old plastic face king himself. The most pleasantly surprising commercial for me was the Dove Self-Esteem Fund ad; not the usual Super Bowl fare.

Not only is Super Bowl Sunday deemed a national holiday, I just discovered that TODAY is a holiday as well. The National Association of Persons (NAP) has launched a website to publicize the notion of the “Day After Day”.

From the site:

No more frantically searching through your list of tired old excuses to explain your absence from work. For an entire day off to recover from whatever ails you, just sign our online petition.

And they have some really good excuses.

Quoting AdAge:

Sure it’s a cheap publicity gimmick by White Castle, but a good cause is a good cause. Call your representative in Congress and tell them to quit it with the earmarks and get on some legislation that really matters.

I’m recovering not only from the Super Bowl, but a party for my five-year-old twin nieces, featuring 20 of their screaming friends, and a MidWinter’s party and beast slaying I’ve been attending for probably 17 out of the last 20 years. A Hoka-Hey to the Tribe.

Today is also Bob Marley’s birthday, coincidentally the day good friend Mark, a member of the tribe, is heading to Jamaica. A message to Mark and to you all here.

So, if your head happens to hit your desk at work, congrats! You’ve hit upon the need for this important new holiday, DADay.

(Image purloined from – librarians are wonderful people.)

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