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First, I must note the passing of “Grandpa Munster” Al Lewis. Friend Fred had a piece on him dated February 5. Don’t have much to add to that account, except that when he ran for NYS Governor in 1998, I DID vote for Al Lewis! Why? Because NYS has arcane election laws that require a party’s candidate for governor to receive a certain threshold (50,000) of votes for it to be a “legitimate” political party into which someone could register, just as one can register as a Democrat or Republican. He was running as the Green Party candidate, and the ploy make them a legit party worked! At least for the four years until the next gubernatorial election in 2002, but that’s another story.
Nice to see that President Bush has the flags at half-staff in honor of the death of Betty Friedan. Oh, I just heard it was on behalf of Coretta Scott King. And he and Laura are going to the funeral. I’m sure someone out there can make some snarky reference to Kayne West’s Katrina speech here.
So, what DID I think of the address last week? Sorry, haven’t watched it yet. I’ve TAPED it, but have a bit (OK, a great deal) of the jitters about actually seeing it.

Yes, I know it’s silly. I’ve watched pretty much every State of the Union for decades. I did decide to pass on last year’s festivities, however, fearing that it would upset my delicate sense of propriety. (Translated: I thought I would start swearing at the TV screen.) Then my wife says to me how I have a “responsibility to be an informed citizen.” Where did she GET such nonsense? Oh. From me, the old poli sci major. Hoist by my own petard. So, I didn’t watch, but the TV was on, and I got the gist, and was therefore suitably irritated.

I’ve watched the ad the Democrats ran that night. And I read the news accounts with the Democrats’ standing O re: Social Security, the headline about our jones for oil. I’ve read what Chianca had to say. I’ve seen Lefty’s comments, which make me feel that maybe it won’t be so bad. No one has encapsulated my frustration about what the man says (vs. what he actually does) better than Mark Evanier. Meanwhile, Eddie’s response is to post a picture that I also received, but chose not to post, for reasons of taste. Obviously, I’m not adverse to linking to it.

Speaking of snarky, someone sent me this:


This year, Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address
fall very close together.

Consider this irony: One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication.
The other involves a groundhog.

But my FAVORITE Presidential response appears on the pages of friend Fred (February 1). I think it’s OK to let that birthday thing go to your head a little. (Wait until next month for MY wretched excess.)

Picture from the Daily Bulletin

Note: Chris “Lefty” Brown now at – I’m sure he’ll explain why.

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