Saturday Query: Last of an Era/and other things

A friend of mine asked me recently “What was the last single I bought? She’s old enough that I knew she meant 45 vinyl, not cassette single or CD single.

Initially, I thought it was “Cars” by Gary Numan, but later realized it was probably a local band such as Blotto or the AD’s, or maybe Little Roger and the Goosebumps (no relation).

My last LP, 33 1/3 album was a Ray Charles greatest hits package.

I used to get classical music on cassette, but I couldn’t tell you what was the last selection.

A couple old ladies were neighbors of mine when, in 1982, the landlord through all of us out of the building in order to renovate it, and presumably charge more rent. They gave me a bunch of 78s, which I’ve never played but still own.

Now that I have a DVD, I know the last my last videotape I got was “Spider-Man”.

So, I have a question of you, if you would be so kind:

What was the last entertainment item you bought/received in each of the formats you used to purchase but no longer do so?

It could be 78s, 45s, LPs, 8-track, cassette music, even CDs if you’re only downloading tunes.

It could be those 12-inch laser discs or VCR tape if you’re getting DVDs now.


I’m a lurker on a religious listserv since they’re all a whole lot more theologically erudite than I.

One guy wrote a sermon, and it ended:
“Your cheatin’ heart will make you weep. You’ll cry and cry and try to sleep. But sleep won’t come the whole night through. Your cheatin’ heart will tell on you. (“Your Cheatin’ Heart” (c) by LeAnn Rimes)

A reply: Powerful sermon, but I’m gonna have to give you a whuppin if you don’t give Hank Williams credit for “Your Cheatin’ Heart.”

First guy: Hank may have sung it, but according to the Music Lyrics data base, it was LeAnn Rimes that wrote it!

This really hurt my head. So I wrote:

Hank Williams died in 1953. LeAnn Rimes was born in 1982. Hank wrote the song.

First guy: I’ll have to take this up with the Music Lyrics data base.

Yeah, you do that.
Right wing folk songs. One image did make me cringe.
I’m trying to figure out what my contribution will be to Lefty’s CD mix blogger exchange. Inspired by what Lefty last sent me, I think I know. It may be a bit of a cheat, I suppose.


Weekly audio briefings by the executive producers of “24” and, OK, “American Idol” on TV Week’s website.
There’s a website that keeps track of plane crashes. There’s a special section of famous people who died in crashes, the most recent of which was Peter Tomarken, 63, former game show host, of Press Your Luck fame. A sad story, as reported by Mark Evanier, because he seemed like such a nice guy, but I must admit that I REALLY hated that show with the annoying Whammies.
And speaking of Mark Evanier, his page has a lot of video links to television shows, most recently, Batman.

And speaking of Batman, the 2006 TV Land Awards are on this Wednesday at 9 pm (ET and PT), featuring the casts of Cheers, Good Times, and Messrs. West and Ward.
That two-hour program is followed by – will Gordon be watching?- the premiere of Living in TV Land, featuring William Shatner. Shatner’s on the following week, too, and Adam West shows up a couple weeks after that.
Lefty’s watching Black. White. on FX, as are we. I can’t help thinking that, so far, I’m not really liking ANY of the characters except one. Wait, they’re not characters, they’re people. Anyway, the point stands.


From Dan: “This guy who is living in China likes to post on his blog examples of mangled English that he finds. This gem is particularly fascinating. It is an actual restaurant menu with helpful English translations. Some of the items are downright terrifying. And no, it is not fake. The comments make that clear.

Of course, these folks know more English than we know Chinese. But still…”
The difference between Euros and Eros. From The At Large Blog.
Life with Archie redux
I can’t believe I’ve missed this all of these years: Web Pages That, since 1996.
Do you use the word Dumpster as the name for any of those large trash bins? You may be committing genericide.


My alma mater’s men’s basketball team played Connecticut tough for 30 minutes last night. Too bad it was a 40-minute game.
The case for atheism in working towards peace. From the New York Times. Free registration required.
One librarian-type note- Our government is “Confronting Digital Age Head-On”: GPO Aims to Secure All Government Documents Online.

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