It’s MY Birthday, Too

Here is a list of some folks born on March 7:
Year of Birth/Age on Tuesday
Alan Sues 1926 80 – “Laugh-In” notable
Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon 1930 76- was married to Princess Margaret. Noted photographer.
James Broderick 1927 d. 11/01/1982 at the age of 55 -in the TV show “Family”. Matthew’s dad.
Willard Scott 1934 72 – “Today” show weatherguy
Janet Guthrie 1938 68 – race car driver
Daniel J. Travanti 1940 66 – “Hill Street Blues” Pizzaman
Tammy Faye Bakker 1942 64 – realty TV show diva
Michael Eisner 1942 64 – former Disney head
John Heard 1945 61 – fine character actor
Matthew Fisher -1946 60 – from the band Procol Harum
Peter Wolf 1946 60 – singer for the J. Geils Band
Franco Harris 1950 56 – Pittsburgh Steeler running back
Lynn Swann 1952 54 – Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver, potential Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor
Ivan Lendl 1960 46 – champion tennis player
Joe Carter 1960 46 – baseball player who hit winning HR in the 1993 World series for the Toronto Blue Jays
Freedy Johnston 1961 45 – quirky singer that I like.
Taylor Dayne 1962 44 – singer
Wanda Sykes 1964 42 -black female comedian
Jeff Kent 1968 38 – major league second baseman since 1992
Peter Sarsgaard 1971 35 – noted actor

Rachel Weisz 1971 35 -(pictured) nominated for an Oscar in “the Constant Gardener” tonight, and my pick for Best Supporting Actress
Jenna Fischer 03/07/1974 32 Pam on “The Office”
Laura Prepon 03/07/1980 26 – “That ’70s Show”

Want more people who were born or died on March 7? Look here.

Other events on March 7: look here, here and here.
Today’s post comes courtesy of friend Bruce, who lent me his spare monitor when the previous monitor suddenly died last week. I thought that perhaps the 23-month old had somehow done something to it. I spent the last week posting from the library.

I have a question for the bloggers amongst you, which is: When do you blog?
My usual schedule during the week is to post at 5:30 a.m., when my wife gets up to take a shower, until 6, when I get dressed in anticipation of Lydia getting up.
Most nights, I have another block after I’ve changed Lydia into her pajamas and her mother puts her to bed, and perhaps a few minutes when Carol gets ready for bed.

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