This is a pretty general blog, I’d say, maybe because I’m a somewhat eclectic guy. So I’m really interested that persons are focused enough to put together a single-issue website/blog:

Regret The Error reports on corrections, retractions, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the media.” This is a GREAT site, so great that I’ve added it to my weblog, in the News/Opinion section. Check out the Error/Correction Roundups.

Save The Catskill Game Farm. The Game Farm, maybe an hour from here, is a place I’ve visited maybe a dozen times, starting when I was three, but probably not in the last decade.

ADD’s blog about Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, because he really has nothing else to do.

The relaunch of Journalista: The Comics Journal weblog.

Bush’s Last Day. And I don’t mean Billy Bush, who irritates during the Emmy pre-show.

An interesting Next Blog find: Fear Allah as He should be Feared: ISLAMIC ARTICLES AND QUOTES


Music to Soothe the Savage Searcher: Classical Music Databases and Web Resources by David Mattison, Access Services Archivist, British Columbia Archives, Royal BC Museum Corporation

Greg’s news from around our bizarro world. So bizarre, in fact, that I just had to respond.

Yet, I have no cogent response to the Katrina anniversary. Go read A Failure to Communicate: Politics, Scams, and Information Flow During Hurricane Katrina by Paul Piper, Librarian, Western Washington University and Miguel Ramos, Library and Archive Paraprofessional, WWU

Another Katrina piece: The New Blaxploitation by GayProf

The amount of nicotine in a cigarette has increased steadily over the past six years. Here’s the full report. This is disturbing news, yet not particularly surprising.

Lefty offers up free music, a great mix he put together, and directions to download free music by Christian artist Derek Webb. “[The album] Mockingbird has been somewhat controversial in the Christian community because it doesn’t tow the conservative line.”

Stealing a couple paragraphs from Blotto drummer F. Lee Harvey, I mean, distinguished intellectual property lawyer Paul Rapp:
The Cato Institute, the extreme right-wing conservative-to-the-point-of-libertarian think-tank issued a policy report titled Amateur-to-Amateur, The Rise of a New Creative Culture. In the piece, a couple of Cato scholars make the case that copyright law, as presently configured, exists primarily for the preservation of the entrenched “copyright industries,” and that the arrival of the Internet and digital media have made these “copyright industries” less important. The conclusion is maybe the time has come, as it has come before, to take a hard look at our current regime of copyright laws.
The study looked at what’s been happening on the Internet, and discussed the theories of John Perry Barlow, the ex-Grateful Dead lyricist who in the early ’90s began publishing tomes about digital media, the Web, and the end of copyright as we know it. Barlow has been mocked, ridiculed, and marginalized relentlessly by Big Media for years. One copyright newsletter I get constantly refers to him as a leader of the “anti-creator crusade.” The Cato study concludes that Barlow was pretty much right.


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