The New TV Season

Tosy claims the new season officially started yesterday. Couldn’t tell by me. It’s not just because my TV Guide subscription lapsed months ago. It’s that Prison Break and any number of other shows started in August, a few started last week, some won’t start until October.

Guess I should figure out what to watch.

Studio 60
The single most hyped new series. The Ad Age critics, who have a pretty good track record, are mixed about the success of this show. I liked Sports Night, liked West Wing until Sorkin left, then I came back for the last season. (Studio 60 aired on Sunday in Toronto. And I recorded it last night but have not watched it; I was in BED by 10 pm.

Gilmore Girls
How WILL they handle last year’s stunning season-ender? I have no idea.
Boston Legal. It’s trash. I like it anyway.

30 Rock. The OTHER SNL-inspired show.
I’ve avoided Lost, not because it’s not good, but because I have only a limited tolerance for such convoluted fare. The Nine looks a little like Lost to me (ABC must have paired them for a reason), yet the commercials have compelled me to at least give it a try.

Earl and Office. Tosy said, “The most solid comedy hour in a long while.” Agreed.
I’m a latecomer to Grey’s Anatomy. Saw quite a bit of it during summer reruns, enough to at least try it again.

Saw the first Men in Trees. Very Northern Exposure, with Alaska, a bar, and a pilot. I happened to have watched Anne Heche on Another World and liked her. I’ll try it again.
Once upon a time, I used to actually watch Law & Order, but not since Jerry Orbach left. If I’m absolutely desperate…

There really is nothing on network TV on Saturday if you don’t like football.

7-8 (probably more like 7:30-8:30)
60 Minutes. Katie Couric’s first piece on the damaged lungs after 9/11 was strong, more interesting, actually, than her daily broadcast.
The Simpsons.
Brothers and Sisters. (No, Tosy, I didn’t remember that Skerritt and Fields played matriarch and patriarch of a family in Steel Magnolias, and I actually saw the movie.)

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