In the Words of Toby Keith, "Let’s Talk About Me"

I discovered that in the past week or two, I’ve been mentioned in blogs by Greg (fearing my chastisement over his affection for Led Zeppelin – I don’t dislike them, I just got aggravated by their uncredited ripoffs of old blues artists), Chris Black (making insignia – his looks better than mine), Chris Brown – no relation (citing my blood donation piece AND dissing my musical taste in the same post), and Jaquandor (quoting from my September 11 piece). Also, I make Eddie happy – that’s just the kind of guy I am – even as I confound him. And let me say here what I posted on Greg’s blog: “Album is a perfectly fine word for a group of things under one cover (photo album, e.g.) The CD, the LP, the cassette is the format; the collection is the album. Or so I say. Again.”

Chris Brown, a/k/a Lefty, (like the Hall & Oates cover, guy, and especially the song after that) also was inspired by me. Speaking of inspirational, I’m enjoying summer songs from Mrs. Lefty.
I had a letter to the editor published on Saturday. It’s here, and if that becomes inaccessible, it’s been copied here. My racquetball mates got annoyed that I didn’t mention it to them.
If you’re a blogger, please consider adding this guy. Although Hurricane Dymowski is named for him, he’s generally a sensitive fellow. A Pisces, I believe.
I’m mildly pleased that the Mets finally clinched the NL East pennant, as is Fred (Sept. 19).
Oh, and the Toby Keith reference came from watching CBS Sunday Morning on September 10, where he revealed, among other things, that he’s a Democrat. I actually own one Keith album that I got for free at a conference in Nashville a few years ago, and it includes the song “Let’s Talk About Me”.

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