The Lydster, Part 32: Brought to You By the Letter L

It’s only been in the last month or so that every time Lydia sees a capital L, she says, “That’s my name!” And it’s not only her initial she’s glommed onto. Every A represents her friend Alex, e.g.

EVERYTHING with a right angle is an L now. She took a bite out of a Wheat Thin from the corner, and the resulting figure: “That’s my name!” She sees a check mark and proclaims the same. We have these refrigerator magnets which we’ve been using to trace her name. OK, just the L, so far.

It only occurred to me after she was named that her initials are the same as my father’s. Those of you with degrees in psychology: please discuss, and get back to me about the existential significance of that.

The interesting thing about child development is that it ‘s so non-linear. On the same night (Friday) we’re off at Grandma and Grandpa’s and she asks to use the toilet, rather than the potty for the first time is the same night she decides to sleep with Mommy and/or Daddy again.

Anyway, she’s more interesting to me all the time. Happy 2 2/3, my child.

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