Christian Blogger

Last week, I got an e-mail:

Dear blog author:
We recently came across your site,, while searching for fellow Christian bloggers.

A small group of us have started a new site called Christian Bloggers. Our prayer and intent is to bring Christians closer together, and make a positive contribution to the Internet community. While many of us have different “theologies”, we all share one true saviour.

Would you be interested in joining Christian Bloggers? Please take a few minutes to have a look at what we are trying to do, and if you are interested, there is a sign up page to get the ball rolling. We would greatly appreciate your support in this endeavour.

May God Bless you and your blogging efforts. We look forward to hearing from you.

This is fascinating to me, as I never thought of me doing Christian blogging. It’s rather like how my father used to put it: he was a “singer of folk songs”, rather than a “folk singer”, and the distinction was important to him. The former allowed for him to range into gospel or blues, which he did on occasion, while the latter seemed to box him in.

Anyway, I accepted the invitation, and a few days later, I appeared on the blogroll. There must have been a number of invitations issued, for when I first looked at the site, thee were 203 on the roll, but by the time I found myself there, there were 309. This morning, I count 536.

That said, it won’t necessarily won’t be changing the nature of the blog. They asked me to join them “just as I am”, as it were. My example for this is the ubiquitous Lefty Brown, who is Christian, not so incidentally, and is a member of the Liberal Coalition, but doesn’t always write about his politics.

I mean, I’ll throw things such as this free roundtable in DC on religious faith in DC next Tuesday, or location of Religion and Social Policy, not to mention Bioethics and lots of other topics, but I would do that anyway, as it struck my fancy.

For those of you who may have found this blog through Christian Bloggers, maybe I should note myself as a blogger who is Christian. My father would appreciate that, I think.

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