Roger’s Quarterly Attempt to Make YOU Do All The Work

OK, pilgrims. Now that it’s the first or second full day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, I just KNOW there are questions you want me to answer.

For instance, some guy I know wrote: “One leftover query–you can’t videotape? Huh? Splain (in your blog, if you prefer–consider it a request!)”

O.K., Lucy, maybe I miswrote. I CAN use a VCR, though I hardly ever do anymore. What I CAN’T do is take a program that I recorded on the DVR and record THAT to videotape. I need a couple of wire connections, but not sure what; I’ve been told, “It’s EASY!” They have no idea how difficult “EASY” technological things can be for me. This is not a complaint, merely an observation. The result is that I must keep the number of programs on the DVR at a certain limit, lest I run out of room. I’m saying here that running out of room is a GOOD thing, because it limits my TV consumption.

dwvr writes:
“Hey Roger-
Will they still let you be a Christian Blogger if you link to raw PANDA PORN?
Since there were no standards in the first place, other than acknowledging my Christian faith, probably yes. But you never know. If I were to write about, say, manatees, I’d probably be in trouble.

“Do you own any overalls?”
No, but I’m not constitutionally opposed to it.

“Why haven’t you stolen Lefty’s Top Ten List? You’ve stolen several of his other ideas.”
I’d write what Mr. Tosy (I think) said about stealing except I can’t find it, something along the line of “If I’m eating a hamburger, and you come along and want to eat a hamburger, it’s not as though you stole the idea of eating a hamburger, you just wanted a hamburger.” I’m sure I’ve done him (or someone) a grave injustice, but you get the idea.

So, please e-mail me, or leave me queries in the comments section, and I promise to answer all of your thousands of queries. Eventually.
ADD reminded me of the late Tom Natell’s musings on winter.

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