So I’m a Tree Hugger: Wanna Make Somethin’ Of It?

This is one of those things I got from Jaquandor who was practically apologetic about posting it, even though he thought it was pretty accurate. Well, I think this one’s pretty reflective of me, too.

What Be Your Nerd Type?

Your Result: Social Nerd

You’re interested in things such as politics, psychology, child care, and peace. I wouldn’t go so far as to call you a hippie, but some of you may be tree-huggers. You’re the type of people who are interested in bettering the world. You’re possible the least nerdy of them all; unless you participate in other activities that paled your nerdiness compared to your involvement in social activities. Whatever the case, we could still use more of you around. ^_^

Drama Nerd
Science/Math Nerd
Literature Nerd
Gamer/Computer Nerd
Artistic Nerd
Anime Nerd
What Be Your Nerd Type?
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Johnny Hart died this weekend, apparently having a stroke while at his drawing board. I’ve long had mixed feelings about him. On one hand, growing up in Binghamton, Broome County, NY, not only did I read the strips B.C. and later The Wizard of Id for years, but I knew that Johnny Hart was from the area, a source of parochial local pride. The B.C. Open golf tournament, named for both the strip and the county, was aided by Hart, a big deal for the region. To this day, the early Wizard of Id joke, “The peasants are revolting!”/”They certainly are” produces an embarrassed chuckle; I always heard the king’s line in the voice of Henny Youngman or Rodney Dangerfield.
Eventually, though, I seemed to outgrow the strip at a point when Hart’s overt, and occasionally controversial, religiosity would creep into the strip.

Was this panel offensive to Islam? Was it supposed to be? To the latter point, I don’t know, and my homer mentally says I hope not.
Mark Evanier’s observations about Hart.


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