A Potpourri of Questions

Please answer any that strike your fancy.

1. Mr. Burgas found this article about a library dropping the Dewey Decimal System in favor of shelving “by topic, similar to the way bookstores arrange books”. This hurts my head, not because I’m married to Dewey – my library actually uses Library of Congress – but because shelving by DDC or LoC IS arranging by topic. But maybe I’m missing something here.
a. How are the books, etc., in the libraries you use arranged?
b. How would you prefer they be arranged?

2. Several folks have linked to the story about e-mail bankruptcy, i.e., to say, “My e-mail’s overwhelmed me. I give up. Let’s start over.”
a. On average, how many e-mails do you get a day at work? At home? How many sit in that limbo-land at any given time, waiting for some sort of action? For me it’s about 150 at work, 30 at home. Occasionally, I’ll get rid of work e-mail at home. At any given time, I have between 60-150 work e-mails and 10 home e-mails waiting for me to do SOMETHING. Sometimes, it’s posting on a blog. The solutions in the article, phone calls and Instant Messaging would not work for me AT ALL; they’d be too distracting. How about for you? And how’s your spam content? The so-called king of spam was arrested this week. About 2% of my work e-mail and 10% of my personal e-mail is spam in a given week.

3. The Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez ticked off some people when as a runner, he misled an opposing fielder, noted here. Was this OK, or out of bounds? Deception has always been a part of the game. A pitcher’s pickoff move. Hidden ball tricks. An outfielder pretending to catch a ball to keep runners at bay. Phantom double plays, where the middle infielder’s foot is in the general vicinity of second base. The A-Rod incident didn’t bother me at all.
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