Left-handed QUESTIONS

Communist, ’cause I’m left-handed.
That’s the hand I use, well, never mind!
-Paul Simon.

Anyway, my wife is left-handed, my sister Leslie, whose birthday is next week, is left-handed, and it may be surprising to find out that Lefty Brown, whose birthday is today, is not only political left-of-center and from the left coast of the US, but also left-handed, as well. Since it’s the middle of summer, and since he’s stolen questions from me, I thought I’d return the favor:

1. (From March 10, 2006): What was your favorite fast food happy meal or movie tie-in product growing up? Bonus points if you still have the product. Extra bonus points if you didn’t purchase said product on eBay.

2. (From April 7, 2006): Who are your top five favorite dead rock stars/icons?

3. (From April 21, 2006): If there is intelligent life on other planets, do you think they would have similar social structures (i.e. governments, houses of worship, entertainment)? As a follow-up what do you think a popular alien name would be?

BONUS QUESTION: Apparently, something significant is happening today in Harry Potter land. Were you staked out at the bookstore at midnight or do you say, Hairy who? From About.com: “Seriously, I read an article yesterday about this couple that will be leaving their wedding reception and going straight to the bookstore to get their copy of Harry Potter. Now, I’m no expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure that this is not what you’re supposed to be doing on your wedding night.”

Which reminds me: last Saturday, these two young women, probably of South Asian ancestry (based on looks, dress, and language) were walking down my street. One had a T-shirt on with a man making a clay pot. The shirt read – and I swear to Rudy this is true – Hari Potter.
Bush colonoscopy leaves Cheney in charge for a couple hours today. Anything I could add would be too obvious.
If Barry Bonds hits his record-setting* homers this week, it’d be interesting if he hit #755 in Milwaukee this weekend, where Hank Aaron started (with the Braves) and ended (with the Brewers) his career, then hit #756 sometime between Monday and Thursday in San Francisco against the Atlanta Braves, Aaron’s team when he hit #715, breaking Babe Ruth’s record. Incidentally, Hank Aaron hit #755 and last on July 20, 1975.

Can Transformers do THIS?


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