We try to keep it a nice wholesome, family-orientated blog here at Ramblin’. But occasionally we fail. I’ve rediscovered that the words “roger” and “rogered” have an interesting, if scatological, slang definition. Thanks, Dorian for bringing this up. (I think.)

Long ago, I found the meaning of ROGER to mean Famous spear; English and French name of Germanic origin, composed of the elements hrod “fame” and gar/ger “spear”, thus “famous spear” and/or derived from Hroth-gar, meaning “spear-bearer”.

There was a black character in the M*A*S*H book, movie, and the first season of the television series called Spearchucker Jones. Spearchucker was considered a racial slur when I was growing up, tied to the notion of the “African savage”, and I suspect it’s more the reason the character got dropped than the fact there were actually no black doctors in Korea; the spear Jones used to chuck in college, BTW, was a javelin.

But I was surprised to find that Spearchucker actually HAD a name: Oliver Wendell Jones. I was going to posit the idea that his given name was Roger, based on the word’s entomology. Another theory shot to heck.
Probably TMI: The husband of an ex-girlfriend of mine asked me this recently: “[His wife] once told me a story about taking you to visit her father. Your suitcase snapped open unexpectedly and your condom collection spilled on the ground. True story?”
Answer: Seriously, I have no recollection of such an occurrence. This is not to say that it didn’t happen and I had sensibly blocked it from my mind.
Since we’re in the field of what some might consider inappropriate language, a headstone for a dog.


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