The Times They Are A Changin’

You may have seen this cover of a fake New York Times that was being distributed last week. If you want a PDF of the whole thing, it’s here. We’re not at that point in the headlines, of course, but I’m pleased with the transition website. I like that openness. Naturally, he’s still being coy about his Cabinet. (Wanna guess and win a prize?) The speculation that Hillary Clinton might be named Secretary of State has this town all a-buzz, mostly concerning who might succeed her in the Senate.

Speaking of the New York Times, the REAL paper had a great article earlier this month about the imperial Presidency of George W. Bush. (Free login required.) The Dan Rather fights back piece intrigues me. There was also another article that caught my attention, “Can Obama Help Kill Baggy Pants Look?”
“P. Rubinstein, a sociology professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, agreed. ‘It’s very clear that what a president wears has an impact on the population,’ she said. Not everyone believes that words alone are enough. One doubter is Alan Flusser, a designer of men’s wear in Manhattan who has written several books on fashion. When it comes to Mr. Obama and the brotherhood of the sagging pants, ‘I don’t think his commenting on it one way or another is going to influence anybody,’ Mr. Flusser said.”

And I’ve finally discovered Rachel Maddow, who laid out in six minutes why the Dems should strip Joe Lieberman of his chair of the Homeland Security Committee. It’s not about 60 “Democratic” senators – would you trust this man to be the 60th person in a cloture vote? – or revenge over Joe supporting Johnny Mac, but about competence (or lack thereof) in the job he has had:
or here.

But there were a couple stories that made me remember that the country’s still a scary place. A member of a group linked to the Ku Klux Klan has been charged with murder following the death of an Oklahoma woman who was recruited via the internet to Louisiana, but subsequently tried to leave an initiation ceremony. The KKK. In 2008. Ain’t that ducky?

Much closer to home is this hate crime apparently part of a pattern of violence which was stirred up in part by the rhetoric of a local politician. After I wrote this, I discovered that Greg also touched on this topic, proving the “great minds” theorem; and Common Dreams likewise had a story.

So lest we get all warm and fuzzy about “change”, know that “change” is a process, not just a flick of a switch. Or even a voting lever.


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