I AM Happy, Damn It!

Since I still feel like I just went through the spin cycle in my clothes washer, and since Jaquandor wouldn’t mind seeing this meme spread out through Blogistan, I thought I would list ten things that make me happy (minus the obvious mentions of The Wife, The Daughter, and music). Even stole his title; shameful.

1. Being touched – I don’t mean that in any sordid way. I mean hugs, hand holding, massage. (There was some recent studies that showed that when people are touched, they have a better perception of the event.)
2. White noise to go to sleep by – fan, my daughter’s air filter, even a vacuum cleaner if it’s far enough away. (There was at least one night in the Daughter’s first two months that the vacuum got HER to go to sleep.)
3. The fact that when I write, it takes me to often unexpected places.
4. Learning new things almost daily.
5. Being able to pull out some obscure piece of information, whether it be at work or helping someone on the bus figure out the best route or watching JEOPARDY!
6. Racquetball – nothing like beating up a helpless piece of rubber.
7. The English language – its amalgamation of such diverse sources, from Latin and Greek to Tagalog and Arabic.
8. Black and white photographs; they seem to have such character.
9. Baseball. It’s not just watching it. It’s the history, the obsessive use of statistics (batting average against left-handers in night games, e.g.)
10. Card games – hearts, pinochle, bid whist, spades. It’s the social aspect of games I like the most; playing on the computer is just not the same.
Time to drink some English tea.