How Did I Become in Charge?

If you would like to contribute to ABC Wednesday, please feel free.

I have mentioned before the Olin family, my mother-in-law’s people, who can trace their roots back to the late 17th century. Every year, there are several Olin family reunions, in eastern Washington state; Ashtabula, Ohio; Southern California; Ontario, generally near Peterborough; and the New York/Pennsylvania group, held near Binghamton, NY most years since 1936. I’ve been the vice-president of the NY-PA reunion the last couple of years, making me only the second Olin in-law in about 40 years to become an officer.

Well, guess who was elected president this month? I’ll give you a hint: he blogs a lot. My mission will be to try to reach out to some folks who haven’t attended lately, extending invitations to other reunion groups.

Around the same time, Denise Nesbitt, who had started something called ABC Wednesday, in which I’ve been participating for nearly three years, was feeling a bit burnt out. Though she has had a trusted assistant (moi), and a number of other contributors, she was feeling a bit tired of coordinating the contributors, putting on the link so that everyone’s links are shared, and making sure the participants follow the simple rules of engagement. So guess who’s now in charge of ABC Wednesday, Round 11? That guy I saw in the mirror this morning. Not incidentally, we will be starting again this week with the letter A, so if you would like to contribute, please feel free; you are most welcome. Make sure your post has something to do with the letter A, link to ABC Wednesday, and, I hope, go visit a few of the sites of fellow abecedarian folks.

Why do I feel like Alexander Haig in March 1981?

Fortunately, in each case, I have a group of folks who have promised to help me through the processes, which I will most definitely need.

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5 thoughts on “How Did I Become in Charge?”

  1. Now see, THIS is why you’re one of my favourite bloggers: An obscure political reference. Priceless. Oh, and speaking of price, it’s good to know that these august positions didn’t come about because of bribery!

  2. Chris- Tomoroow morning at 11 a.m. eastern time (I don’t know what time zone you’re in right now), one can go to ABC Wednesday. There will be an introduction – written by me this weeek, though not always – and at the bottom of the post, there will be a little icon.

    You will take your post (which will have something to do with the letter A, and a link to ABC Wednesday) and enter it into the Linky thing the specific URL of your post, your name (or your blog name) and your e-mail, which won’t be revealed. The next page allows you to put a graphic from the post on the Linky. Voila.

    Check the Z post to see what I mean, visually. If you need help, I can walk you through it tomorrow.

  3. Thank you! Obviously it worked – people came by and said nice things about my post. 🙂 I decided to do a science theme – everybody loves science!

    Chris H
    ABC Wednesday
    A is for Avogadro’s Number

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