The Lydster, Part 113: Robbed!

It was that it was my stuff that was stolen AFTER I had played the unwilling but gracious host.

The Daughter has been going to her summer camp in a nearby park, Ridgefield by name. She decided to ride her scooter there. It was in a location she could keep an eye on it.

About a month ago, it was raining, and they had to move to the alternate site, which happened to be her usual elementary school. Her scooter was in the hallway next to one of her counselor’s bicycles, but not visible to her. You can guess what happened at the end of the day.

There was a police report filed, and, allegedly, there was film being reviewed, but nothing has come of this, to date.

She was sad that her scooter is gone, of course, but it’s more that someone who she probably knows, perhaps not well, but still, took her vehicle. It made her understandably wary about returning to the camp. She looked sad a lot the next few days, especially getting up on weekday mornings.

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