I want the NEW Paul McCartney

Hint to Wife: NEW by MACCA is #1 on my Christmas list,

My friend Karen, who I’ve only known since we were in kindergarten, wrote this article for our sixth grade newsletter in which she was the winner of a contest to fly to England and see the Beatles in person. Back in 1980, her record company put out John & Yoko’s Double Fantasy album, but that was an arm’s-length situation.

Now, her current record company is putting out the new album by Paul McCartney, NEW, and while he’s in the New York City area, she’s spending time with him. This means she was THERE when Macca surprised a Queens high school with an auditorium rock show, plus Q&A on John Lennon’s birthday; she described it as a most satisfying experience. The day before, when she was with him doing interviews for nearly five hours, was another highlight. I’m guessing she was present when Sir Paul surprised the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon audience by sticking around to perform seven more songs in a mini-concert.

I’m so very happy for my good friend, who has turned me onto new music for decades. I have only a soupçon of jealousy.

I haven’t gotten the new album, NEW, yet. (Richie has already ordered it.) I’m very pleased it’s gotten a good review in Entertainment Weekly and an even more interesting one in The New Yorker, plus others.

Hint to Wife: this is #1 on my Christmas list, even ahead of Beatles at the BBC, Volume 2. Get the deluxe edition, please!
Paul’s YouTube channel
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Author: Roger

I'm a librarian. I hear music, even when it's not being played. I used to work at a comic book store, and it still informs my life. I won once on JEOPARDY! - ditto.

One thought on “I want the NEW Paul McCartney”

  1. Roger, I agree… but I’ll have to wait for Christmas for the CD, because things are tight here after my dental woes!

    I do wish Paul would stop dyeing his hair, though. Grey hair would help his fair pallor make sense.

    My sister “claimed” Paul as HER Beatle. Other sis claimed John, and I got Ringo, the loner with the metronomic brain, which is apt. But I didn’t understand George until quite recently, and my respect for him has grown.

    Love that you know someone who’s tight with Paul! One degree of separation from one of the world’s most treasured musicians, ain’t that just the best? Amy

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