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October is LGBT History Month

Last month, my friend Dan sent me a link to this nifty page about Christians Openly Supporting LGBT Community In ‘We’re Not All Like That’ Campaign. I wrote back, “This will appear on my blog within the week! Thanks; I had not seen this.” I was particularly taken by Fred Clark’s video, maybe because of how he self-identifies.

Obviously, I didn’t post anything, and frankly, it got lost in my e-mails. Then Arthur wrote about it, and I was going to let it go as a topic. Moreover, while I appreciate the sentiment of NALT, I never like things identified by what they are NOT. Quirky, I know.

But then I saw this story about a tea party leader and former Baptist pastor who is proposing to file a ‘class action lawsuit’ against ‘homosexuality.’ Oy.

So let me share with you a sermon by Nicole Garcia at the MLP National Conference at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church in Tucson, AZ on Saturday, September 28, 2013, which addresses the topic of how some in the church view an inclusive faith.

Did you know that October is LGBT History Month? I did not until I saw a couple of huge displays in the fellowship hall of MY church.

I was telling this story recently: At my previous church, I was talking to one of the church leaders about the fact that we ought to have a discussion about gay rights; this would have been c 1990. She said, “We already did that.” I started attending in 1982 and joined in 1984, and I had no recollection of this. “Oh, we had somebody come in and talk with us in 1976.” Over the next several years, I brought it up, but the idea never gained any traction.

I’m happy to be in a church now without that ambiguity.
From Newsmax:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday withdrew legal opposition to gay marriage, making same-sex nuptials the law in the state.
The move makes New Jersey the 14th state in the nation to legalize gay marriage…
At City Hall in Newark, the state’s most populous city, Cory Booker, the two-term Democratic mayor who voters elected to the U.S. Senate last week, officiated for seven gay and two heterosexual couples who descended a set of curving steps just before midnight…
Booker, 44, who had refused to perform heterosexual weddings in his city of 277,700 residents because he objected to the exclusion of same-sex couples, called the ceremonies “one of the greatest privileges of my life.”

This dialogue from The West Wing is even better when you hear Martin Sheen say it.

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12 thoughts on “NALT Christians”

  1. Maybe something better than “NALT” would be gay Christians coming forward and talking about it. The majority of my new church is gay. I don’t think a lot of Americans – Christian or otherwise – realize there is such a massive gay Christian community.

  2. Interesting thought, though, I’ve long believed that one needs those allies – white people in the black civil rights struggle, e.g., – to speak out because, otherwise, it’s only THEIR issues – black people’s issues, gay people’s issues, women’s issues, that can be safely ignored by the cultural majority.

  3. True, actually. And I don’t even have the chutzpahs to have my religion listed on my Facebook page. Too many people judge what they don’t know.

    Sooooo… since it costs me so little to stand up and it’s still really hard, then it probably is desperately important for non-gays to stand up and say something about this.

  4. I’ve been a Ally since I was five years old. It’s very important for people “in power” (usually straight white males) to ensure everyone has equal rights. My mom was active in the civil rights struggle in the 60s; her hosting of jazz parties that included all shades of brown (including beige, like me) and gays and lesbians made her a pariah among the housewives of the neighborhood.

    Likewise, I believe “straights,” especially women (paying back the time men finally granted them the right to vote), should stand up for the LGBTQ community. I belong to the United Church of Christ, an open and affirming denomination which supports marriage equality. As Michael Franti sang, “It’s not about who you love/It’s about DO you love?” Amy

  5. Ah – as opposed to “just a talk.”

    I don’t know why Christians aren’t more socially active. Even things that should be really pertinent (e.g. you can get the death penalty for converting to Christianity in some countries) tends to get ignored, let alone stuff like this. (Or is it perception? Are there more progressive churches than I realize?)

    I’m glad I’m part of a more socially active church now.

  6. But it cannot just be gay Christians speaking out. Like it or not, gay people need straight people if they are to marry, just as black people needed white people so they could vote. Gay people can speak out, but, as I said, just them speaking out makes it much easier to ignore. BTW, I have always gone to socially active churches, so I don’t know any other kind.

  7. Well, I grew up Catholic. The Catholic Church is socially active… {ick.}

    I agree. I was very involved during college, although not involved in the church.

    Then I got involved in the church and I began to question the concept of marriage.

    Now I’m filing for divorce. Soooo… it would be horribly hypocritical of me not to support it, as Jesus talked a few times about divorce but never about homosexuality.

    I need to get a handle on the idea that just because I find adult sexuality overwhelming and confusing doesn’t mean the rest of the planet does.

  8. CLEARLY a lot of Americans find adult sexuality overwhelming. You know A Clockwork Orange got its initial X rating for that sped up sex scene, not because of the violence.

  9. I googled it. I’ve seen the movie, but it’s a good giggle. 🙂

    So do you think that’s why people are conservative on social issues involving sex? Because they’re freaked out about the whole idea and just think “Ugh, just keep it in your pants!”? ‘Cause I’ve thought that, I really have: “The whole world would be better without sex.”

    And yet, of course, I want sex because I’m an adult mammal. It would be really freakin’ weird on an evolutionary level if I didn’t. But it’s scary, ranging from “What would people think of me?” to “Omigosh, everybody knows what they’re doing and I honestly don’t.”

  10. Well, MY world would not be better without sex! Sex is inherently a goofy act, and people should just accept that. Most people don’t know what they’re doing unless they ask their partners, and that’s OK. People watch soap operas and expect that it’s only beautiful people making love and having great orgasms.
    The notion that it’s just for procreation probably keeps lots of therapists employed.

  11. Yeah, okay, that sounds pretty simple.

    A guy who has been showing me how to play guitar gave me an… amazing… backrub and then tried to kiss me. I was good about dodging the getting kissed bit.

    So sex has been surprisingly constantly on my mind. I am suddenly aware I’m not going to be happy just baking cookies and singing in church choir for the rest of my life. Or playing with guns. Or model trains. Or origami.

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