Halloween 2013

Zombies vs. animals? The living dead wouldn’t stand a chance

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Each year, I just post seasonal links. I used to post them on the 31st, but then you wouldn’t have time to make use of those costume design ideas. Here’s a terrible joke I saw: A skeleton walks into a bar and says “I’d like a beer and a mop.”

Census: Halloween Facts for Features

IBISWorld: Halloween Sales to Grow a Slow 3.0 Percent in 2013

All month, there are Pagan Scares from Postmodern Barney

The A to Z of Stephen King Cinema, a comic of greatness

Listing Toward Forty is Listing Toward Halloween

Stephen R. Bissette’s WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU!

The work of the devil…

11 Halloween Freebies: Where to Eat Free for Wearing Costumes

Transforming black-light Bride of Frankenstein makeup

Hauntbox: open-source hardware box for controlling your automated, electronic haunted house

This Family Wins All Costume Contests For Forever – unless this Cheers’ Halloween Costume Is The Best

Chief Wansum Tail Seeks Pocahottie. Because Halloween in Indan country is always a horror show of snide stereotypes peddled to mainstream America as harmless costumes.

Zombies vs. animals? The living dead wouldn’t stand a chance

Cover for Black Magic comic book, 1954

A Nancy comic strip

Mickey Mouse in Ghoul Friend, plus Disney’s Halloween Treat

Halloween Peanuts strips for 1966 and 1967.

Mad Monster Party: the comic book, adapted from Harvey Kurtzman’s screenplay

Interview with MAD’s Jack Davis about his Tales From the Crypt comic book days

Bill Sienkiewicz ~ “the Shadow Portfolio”, published by DC

The Sensible Horror Film

A Halloween Verizon commercial

Skull painted on old vacuum tube

Creepy banana dude
Halloween in NZ

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4 thoughts on “Halloween 2013”

  1. Zombies v. animals is awesome. I forwarded it to a coworker teaching ecology this semester and she’s going to share it with the class tomorrow for Halloween (actually on topic because they’re handling scavengers right now. 🙂 )

  2. It’s clear as day. You’ve been reading Boing-Boing. Hell, I’ve been reading it since it was a zine that I found on a rack at that old comic book store you used to work at. Still have some of them.

  3. It’s true that I could fill this whole blog with BoingBoing, HuffPo, Daily Kos, and my blog feeds.

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