George Harrison Week

Dhani Harrison works on keeping his father’ George’s legacy.

george_harrisonIn late September, Conan O’Brien devoted a week to the music of George Harrison, in honor of some of his music being re-released. I’ve mentioned before that my realization of how much I experienced George’s loss was much more gradual than the shock of John Lennon’s murder.

Conan Kicks Off George Harrison Week

Beck – Wah-Wah.

Paul Simon – Here Comes the Sun, and talks about singing it with George on Saturday Night Live

Dhani Harrison & Friends featuring Big Bad Delta – Let It Down

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dhani Harrison & Friends Featuring Big Black Delta -Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)

Dhani Harrison On Preserving His Father’s Legacy. I’m not a watcher of the show, but evidently, Dhani and Conan are old friends.

Dhani Harrison Presents The George Harrison Guitar App (February 2012)

Norah Jones -Behind That Locked Door.

Interesting that everyone, except Simon, picked something from that classic album All Things Must Pass.

Slightly off-topic:

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison, and others – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Listen to The Beatles’ isolated vocal tracks for Abbey Road medley

I’ve become newly interested in the Beatles song Piggies since its inclusion in a musical review at church. Here’s the Anthology 3 version. “Harrison’s mother provided the line ‘What they need’s a damn good whacking’, and [John] Lennon contributed the line ‘clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon,” instead of the original lyrics “to cut their pork chops.” Here’s Piggies from the white album.

The Quarrymen – That’ll Be The Day and In Spite of All The Danger (1958)

How to make Beatles pancakes

‘4: John Paul George Ringo’: Beatles release free iTunes EP of solo music.

A signed copy of Beatles’ Please Please Me sells for $36,655.

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One thought on “George Harrison Week”

  1. I snagged that iTunes freebie. It’s not bad, though none of the tracks, save maybe Lennon’s “Love,” is top-drawer stuff.

    I grow increasingly fond of “Cry for a Shadow,” a Beatles instrumental (!) from 1961 (!!) composed mostly by George, credited to Harrison/Lennon, basically homage to the Shadows, who were to Britain what the Ventures were to the States, only more so.

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